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Lucky Minutes Card » Local-Access Numbers

New Mexico

CityPhoneSurcharge(US ¢/min)
Albuquerque(505) 559-4140
Anthony(915) 613-5105
Belen(505) 859-7002
Bernalillo(505) 404-0215
Chaparral(915) 613-5105
Estancia(505) 384-6008
Laguna Acoma(505) 407-4051
Los Lunas(505) 565-5196
Moriarty(505) 832-3004
Mountainair(505) 847-3003
Pena Blanca(505) 465-8003
Santa Teresa(915) 613-5105
Tijeras(505) 407-4051

Local Access numbers (numbers listed across "country - city") include city codes. You may not need to dial city code. Please check the local dialing pattern: local, regional or national calls can be different. Payphones clearly give the instructions. All hotels have them. In case of business or private situations, customers should just ask.

Certain Payphones or Hotels may restrict access or require additional charges for access to local and toll free numbers.

Some locations may not offer toll-free access.
Some phones need to be Toll-free enabled. Check with your local PTT.
Local Access Numbers include city codes. You may not need to dial city code if you call from the city itself.
Check with local Hotels to ensure additional charges are not incurred when using lobby or room phones.

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